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Melenco enjoys voluntary work at the “Parc Natural de Collserola”


Melenco enjoys voluntary work at the “Parc Natural de Collserola”

Posted by Melenco Team in Other 21 Jun 2016

Last Friday June 5th was International Earth Day and pursuant to CSR objectives, in order to spread environmental awareness and preserve biodiversity, Melenco participated in a corporate environmental volunteering event in Collserola.

Collserola profiles as green island composed of more than 8.000 located in the metropolitan of Barcelona. It is a natural park protected by forest areas with a great diversity of flora and fauna.

The activity´s purpose was to help eradicate an invasive plant that resides in the park and has become a considerable problem for local species.

1280px-Pokeberries-1The name of this species, originated in Central America, is American Phytyolacca, a shrub of white and purple flowers measuring between one and three meters high, which produces a berry like fruit shaped like a grape. Its strong constitution drowns vegetation of its environment and hinders the growth of native species. In order to control its spread, you must start at the root, which is a large bulb that can be found more than a meter below ground, and rip it out by hand. Therefore, under the slogan ¨Collserola cares for you, take care of Collserola¨, the park has undertaken a number of initiatives to eradicate this species.

When we arrived at Collserola, we had a conversation with local experts, where they explained all the interesting details of the park. We were shown a documentary of all the species that inhabit the park and also showed us the plant that we came to eradicate.

After the introduction, we moved to the workplace to get down to work. And so, after more than two hours, our team were digging to find the roots of the bush, pulling out the bulb and prevent the plant to continue its invasion throughout the park.

Overall, it was a very positive activity. We did not only help eradicate the plant propagation but also had the opportunity to enjoy the “Parc Natural de Collserola” and discover that one step away from Barcelona, there is a green paradise.

Collserola cares for you, take care of Collserola!

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