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Business Units


Oil & Gas

Upstream and downstream equipment and accessories.

For more information contact: engineering@melenco.com


Melenco offers a broad range of interesting products such as specialty foods, beverages, fresh fruits and cosmetics, servicing wholesalers and retailers around the world.

For more information contact: FMCG@melenco.com


Source grains, metals, minerals, oil derivatives, livestock and seafood from top suppliers.

For more information contact: commodities@melenco.com

Machinery & Equipment

Trusted suppliers of heavy equipment, tools and machinery.

For more information contact: engineering@melenco.com

Hotel Supplies

Melenco acts as a one-stop shop for all your hotel supplies needs.

For more information contact: hospitality@melenco.com

Construction & Furniture

Flooring, windows, illumination solutions, outdoor and indoor furniture for commercial, industrial or residential developments.

For more information contact: engineering@melenco.com

Custom Projects

Turnkey solutions for your supply chain.

For more information contact: projects@melenco.com