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Rebranding China


Rebranding China

Posted by Melenco Team in Worldwide 17 Sep 2013

At this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Dalian, one of China’s greener cities, rebranding china has been up for debate. Will the inspiring commitment to an ecological civilization grow into a trusted global partner? Or will its profile as an economic, military giant overpower its lack of environmental structure?

Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman, as well as the creator of the annual Edelman Trust Index, stated that, “the China brand has to evoke images of transparency”. Edelman proposed that leading Chinese companies adopt a product-based label allowing customers from all over the world to view information about the company and on how the product was made.

In addition, studies have indicated that some 80 percent of Chinese cities have difficulties achieving a balance between economic growth, efficient resourcing, and sustainable development. Mid-sized cities are in the best position to achieve a proper balance between the various factors, as they may still experience strong growth but hereby not showing environmental degradation.

The study described over 25 Chinese cities as being in danger because of their underdeveloped but resource-based economies, high emissions, and reliance on heavy industry. It was added that many cities have a tendency to “grow first, and clean up later”.

China’s premier Li Kequiang stated that, “[The Chinese] economy will maintain its’ sustained and healthy growth and China will stay on the path of reform and opening up”.  If medium-sized cities and leading Chinese companies focus on becoming an ecological civilization the transparency will without doubt rebrand China’s image into becoming a trusted global partner.

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