Excellence in trading services worldwide
Excellence in trading services worldwide
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China Sourcing and Procurement Desk



The Melenco Sourcing & Procurement Desk (SPD)

An integrated purchasing, sourcing, quality control and communications service that allows international companies purchasing in China the possibility of having peace of mind when dealing with suppliers while conducting business from abroad.

This service saves the customer time, as communications are carried out in the same country, overcoming language, cultural or time-zone barriers that often delay foreign trade workflows.

The Desk also saves money for prospective customers, as the costs related to it are not significant when compared to those of the investment required to have a branch office in China, recurrent losses due to poor quality of products, or added margin by hidden trading intermediaries in the supply chain.

Service Breakdown

The SPD allows companies to customize its purchasing process management in China as Melenco is capable of performing.


  • Selected product briefing
  • Identify at least 3 potential suppliers in China (e.g. company name, website, contact details, first quotation)
  • Price and quality targeting

Background check on existing and prospective trade partners:

  • Government level verification on credibility of the supplier
  • Verification on existence of intermediaries
  • Desk research: Compliance and quality records
  • Factory audit

Procurement management services:

  • Purchase order placement, confirmation and follow-up
  • Negotiations
  • Contract signing on behalf of the customers

Logistics management services:

  • Selection of verified service providers
  • Logistics optimization
  • Assistance with regulatory framework, restrictions and taxes.
  • Follow-up and communications
  • Negotiations

Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC):

  • Lab Testing
  • Quality process implementation management
  • Product development and prototyping
  • Physical goods and loading inspection

Trade Fairs in Mainland China:

  • Attendance, information gathering and networking on behalf of the customer
  • Representation and stand set-up in selected regions