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The Success of “Embutidos Fermín”


The Success of “Embutidos Fermín”

Posted by Melenco Team in Purchasing, Trading 29 Jul 2016

Created in 1956 as an ordinary butcher shop, “Embutidos Fermín” has now turned into an international business dedicated to the production of top quality Iberian Acorn-Fed products, currently serving more than twenty countries worldwide.

Nowadays, Fermín is a reference within the market of Iberian Acorn-Fed products on a national and international scale.

Pioneer in exports

In 2005, the company’s facilities were approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, thus becoming the first Spanish company to be authorized by the USDA to export their Iberian products to the U.S.

In addition, Fermin was the first to export Iberian products to Japan, Canada, and Singapore. They also have a distribution network in Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Guam, as well as Europe and Latin American.


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The key to their success is the quality of their products that goes hand in hand with history, tradition, commitment and a great service, something greatly appreciated worldwide.

This effort has allowed them to reach a historic milestone, by receiving the Gold SOFI in several occasions, which is considered the Oscar in the world of gastronomy in America.

Although Iberian Ham is their flagship product, you can find other delicatessen foods in their portfolio such as the Iberian palette, loin, chorizo or sausage; offering all these varieties also in convenient packaging.

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Their present challenge is to continue to grow within the Asian and Latin American market and consolidate, once again, as a benchmark in the food industry. Fermín forms part of the Melenco’s product portfolio, and their challenge becomes our challenge as we support their international expansion by working everyday towards success.

Here you can find more information about Embutidos Fermín.


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