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Trade Promotion


Trade Promotion

Posted by Melenco Team in Trading 26 Sep 2013

Two important vehicles for driving new trade is showing up at trade promotions and trade missions. There are numerous shows in China, and not all of them are held in tier 1 cities, the number held in smaller cities has shown a 15-20% growth annually over the past years. In general, exhibitions can be great venues to gauge market interest, develop leads, and make sales.

Most trade promotions are sponsored or co-sponsored by government agencies, professional societies, or for example the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). Of course some shows are also organized by Hong Kong, American, or other foreign organizers.

It is important to consider that some shows may only attract a local audience, or cater primarily to Chinese exporters despite the fact that they are in theory described as Import/Export fairs. In addition participation in such shows may be pricy and booth space may also be limited. Therefore always carefully consider participation rather than blindly signing up.

Mid-October the Canton Fair will start off in Guangzhou. This years’ fair is divided up into three different phases.

Phase 1 will take place from October 15-19 and will include electronics and household electrical appliances, machinery, hardware and tools, vehicles and spare parts, as well as lighting equipment, building materials, and chemical products.

Phase 2 will take place from October 23-27 and will concern Consumer goods, Home decorations and gifts.

Finally, phase 3 will take place October 31 until November 4 and regards office supplies, cases & bags, recreation products, food, textiles and garments, shoes, as well as medicines, medical devices and health products.

For more information please visit: http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/

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