New Seminar in Hanoi to explore Global opportunities

Melenco participated in another successful workshop on June 14th in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the topic “UAE: a Gateway to the World”. Melenco was represented by Romeu Caetano, Asia Regional Director, who spoke about the pivotal role of the United Arab Emirates as a global trade hub in the region.

During the seminar, topics such as logistical capabilities, innovation, business expansion strategies towards India and Africa markets, Dubai’s role as a regional financial centre, and future opportunities for international companies were discussed. The event underlined Melenco Group’s diversified and valuable solutions to assist clients in their international expansion goals via Melenco‚Äôs global reach including its office in the UAE. Romeu Caetano had the opportunity and pleasure to exchange ideas with the many senior executives from various local industries, lawyers, investors, and consultants present in the event. The audience was highly engaged, raising numerous questions, and demonstrating significant interest in the United Arab Emirates as a global hub for trade and investment.

Melenco would like to extend our thanks to all participants and to the organizer, Minh Tam Consultancy Services. This seminar not only served as a platform for learning and reflection but also as a catalyst for future initiatives and partnerships aimed at further strengthening Melenco Group’s global presence and impact in Middle East and Southeast Asia.