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Purchasing Services

Melenco helps your company source and buy from the most competitive manufacturers in the world. Our expertise allows us to identify and filter legit manufacturers in main supply jurisdictions, by applying industry best practices and standards, while leveraging on our business network.

Local presence in main Asian supply markets such as China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam enhances our offering for customers. We can also source and buy from selected manufacturers in the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Melenco represents and distributes top brands in several sectors, and can act as a one-stop shop or purchase house for private or public companies executing multidisciplinary projects.

We have access to more than 3000 factories and producers worldwide in a variety of sectors

Our Purchasing services are ideal for small and medium sized (SME) companies looking to buy internationally. Outsource your sourcing and procurement, focus on your core activity and let Melenco become your International Purchase House!


Background check on existing and prospective trade partners

Procurement management services

Trade fairs


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