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Transfer Pricing Services

Melenco has qualified professionals with deep knowledge of international business and regulations, located in several jurisdictions and ready to advice customers with their risk assessment, management and preparation of deliverables and documentation in connection to all the transfer pricing aspects of their enterprises.

Through its Transfer Pricing Advisory Services Unit, Melenco experts will assist you design, manage, document, review and defend your transfer pricing policies and internal procedures, making sure that these efforts are aligned with your operations and strategy, helping your business to achieve its potential.


Are you aware of the importance of understanding transfer pricing risk exposure and prioritizing efforts to mitigate it?

The Local Tax Authority in your country of residence might review and challenge your company’s intra-group activity, offshore structures and/or transactions. It is important for you to be ready for these challenges and prepare for a potential transfer pricing (TP) audit. Melenco can assist you by reviewing your company’s cross-border activity and assessing its overall TP exposure and help you to develop options for identifying, managing and mitigating TP risk.

The above can be done by conducting a factual review of your company’s material intra-group activity, corporate and commercial structure, cross-border transactions, operations and audit history, following a simple path, consisting in:

TP Audit and Compliance Checklist

As part of the current international environment, which is being heavily changed by the design and implementation of new standards of tax assessment as a consequence of the launch of the final reports on the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan, Melenco strongly recommends you consider the following relevant aspects of your company’s business activity:


Restructuring and M&A Activity

Melenco can help you with validation of M&A activity and corporate restructuring from a TP point of view, including but not limited to the following services:


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